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A month after experiencing a heartbreaking fire, Phoenix A.M.D. International Inc. is excited to update you with our current situation. With diligent work from our dedicated staff all services were up and operational within a few short days. Phoenix is now in a new temporary location and all our departments are continuing as normal.

Our organization is operating at a normal capacity however we are in restoration process to our facility as well as to our systems and we are confident that with our dedication and hard work we will be fully operational shortly. We have also been working to turn this situation into an opportunity to make positive changes that will allow us to improve the service we provide to our partners and customers.

Like the legend, we have turned something devastating into a new empowering experience. We thank all those who have and continue to support us during this time. It brings great joy to the team to see the kindness and patience received from all those around us and for that we are forever grateful.

Burning bright with the passion of all our team, family and supporters, Phoenix will continue to rise and grow stronger.

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