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After successfully evacuating, the team watched as smoke and flames consumed our home.
Local firefighters arrived and bravely battled the chaotic scene before them. We are forever grateful for their service.
Our owners, Albert Marrache and Dawn Rowe, watch as smoke envelops the place that they called home.
Gord Weir, Director of Emergency and Fire Services, and his Clarington team of firefighters displayed flawless execution and professionalism. Few words would be able to express our thanks.
After several hours fire fighters were able to put out the flames. Despite extensive damage the building remained strong and standing.
Once we assessed the damage we realized this would signal the rebirth of Phoenix as a company.
We were able to collect a few precious mementos that remained unscathed through the damage.
Almost immediately we were able to secure a new temporary location. We enjoyed lunch with a new found determination.
Monday marked the start of our new beginning. Just like a Phoenix we will rise from the ashes stronger and more powerful than ever.

Thursday August 21st 2014, marks the first day of a new starting point for our company. At around 1:00pm Eastern, we experienced a devastating fire which raged for several hours until local firefighters were successful in putting the flames out. We would like to express our gratitude to Gord Weir, Director of Emergency and Fire Services, and his Clarington team of firefighters who displayed flawless execution and professionalism during this time. We are very fortunate that no one was injured and the building was evacuated before the worst of the damage took place.

Despite this incredibly heartbreaking event, Phoenix is working hard to move forward. We are happy to say that we have acquired and moved into a new temporary location.

We are working around the clock to restore the services you love and expect. In the meantime, we have partial services available. We have set up a temporary plan for you to be able to reach us at all times.

For the fastest service, we would recommend you utilize our e-mail service or our contact page on PhoenixAMD.com. To use this feature, just press "Continue" at the bottom of the page, then click on "Contact Us" and fill out the form provided. We are also using emergency services with our 1-800 number, please leave your name, phone number and a brief message, we will return your call in our regular business hours.

Our phone systems are anticipated to be online and fully operational on Wednesday August 27th 2014.

We have a remarkable team here at Phoenix A.M.D. International, who will continue to work towards growing and becoming even stronger.

We are Phoenix A.M.D. International Inc. We are rising from the ashes, and will continue to burn bright.

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