Guardian Angel Electronic Media Program

The Guardian Angel Electronic Media protection program gives consumers the peace of mind in knowing their new electronic devices will function properly. They have the choice in protection and coverage on almost every electronic device in the home, and more! It's the ultimate choice for risk free living with quick, easy access to service if needed with real value and affordable pricing!

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Guardian Angel for Electronic Media Service Plan

  • The 4 year Preference Service Plan covers all brands, and gives the consumer:

    • • 100% coverage on mechanical parts and labour
    • • Unlimited service calls up to the value of the original purchase price
    • • In-home service for major electronics
    • • No deductible to pay
    • • No Lemon Clause (after 3 failures for same component during term of plan)
    • • It's Transferable!
    • • An option to renew the Service Plan prior to the expiry date
    • Plus a BONUS of a ONE TIME Remote Control Replacement for the full 4 years

Watch a video to learn more about the Guardian Angel Service Plan for Electronic Media

Some electronics that are covered:

    Tablet Computers          3D televisions
 Gaming Consoles
(Wii, XBOX, PlayStation)
   Personal video recorder (PVR)
 BlueRay Player    Docking Station for MP3 Players

  • • Flat Panel LED TV
  • • Flat Panel LCD TV
  • • Flat Panel Plasma TV
  • • Projection TV (front, rear, LCD or DLP Projection)
  • • Home Theatre (with or without Projection TV)
  • • Car CD Player
  • • Car CD Player
  • • Home Audio System
  • • DVD Player/Writer
  • • CD Player/Writer
  • • Combo TV/DVD or TV/VCR or TV/VCR/DVD
  • • Video Camera
  • • Car alarm system
  • • Radio Scanner
  • • AV Receiver/Tuner/Amplifier
  • • Satellite Receiver (indoor only)
  • • Sound System
  • • Speakers (set of 2)
  • • Car Stereo System
  • • Telephone
  • • Cordless Phone


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